22 Years

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my twenty-second birthday and boy have these twenty-two years been full of adventure and so much more. I’m excited because I got to speak to my older brother and best friend who is currently in Hong Kong due to being a marine. We talked for 4 hours on the phone after not being able to speak for nearly two months. He’s stationed in Japan so I haven’t gotten to see him for nearly two years, needless to say it was exciting to hear from him and be able to share things with him.

The biggest disappointment of my birthday so far, even though it’s only 3 hours and 53 minutes into my birthday, Joe {the twins dad and my  “situation”} hasn’t even said happy birthday to me. No present, no happy birthday, no acknowlegement what so ever. Jadae’s dad hasn’t called me yet either, but I’m sure it’s either because he fell asleep or he is trying to respect my household since Joe and I live together.

Honestly, the greatest gifts I’ve recieved so far is being able to see my kids on my birthday, talking to my brothers and mother and knowing that I have a supportive and loving family that cares about me.

Who know’s what this day may bring? Maybe Joe and Horatio haven’t forgotten my birthday. Maybe they just don’t believe in wishing a person happy birthday as soon as they see them like most people. Whatever the case, Joe has made me feel as if my birthday doesn’t really matter to him. Last year my birthday gift from him was him showing up at my party, spending time and the night with me. His birthday present from me? A brand new pair of Jordans and an outfit or two. Same thing for Valentines Day, I went all out buying him a pair of shoes, a fossil watch, beats by dre and last but not least – I got us a house together – but recieved nothing in return. This year will be different. The gift value will be identical when his birthday comes around. Hopefully he decides to get me something good otherwise he will feel the same feeling of emptiness that I felt last year on our “special” holidays.


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