Anticipating Halloween

I’m super excited for Halloween. It’s the twins first halloween (they’re being kitty’s) and Jadae’s second, but this year she’s big enough that she’ll actually be able to enjoy trick or treating. She’s being supergirl.

The day will more than likely start off boring, we have to go look at a house in the morning – hopefully we’ll be moving into this house within the next week or so. Then we’ll probably come home and try to sneak in a few more hours of sleep. With all three girls being sick, sleeping through the night isn’t really an option right now. After we decide to get up and about for the day (probably about 3pm) we’ll start getting the girls ready for an evening of trick-or-treating.

Since Joe has to work today, we’ll be celebrating my birthday tomorrow night with a family dinner at applebee’s. As far as I know it’ll be my family, Joe and myself. Hopefully he’ll invite his mom, sister, and brothers – I love his family.

After dinner we’ll probably come home for awhile and spend a little bit of time together as a family before Joe leaves to go to a friends party.

Keep in mind I wasn’t even asked if I wanted to go out, just told that he’ll be going to his friends sometime after dinner.


2 thoughts on “Anticipating Halloween

    • oh Jadae had a blast. She kept trying to steal extra pieces of candy at each house. It was funny watching her. JaNiyah and Jaleia were pretty much just amused by all the colors and costumes. They fell asleep as soon as we put them back in the car to come home.

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