My Twisted Fairy Tale

First and foremost, I just wanna welcome everyone to my blog. I call it “my twisted fairy tale” because my life is simular to a lifetime movie: full of action, drama, suspense, comedy, ect. I also titled it for the reason that as many of us know, life doesn’t always go as we plan.

When I was 17 years old I graduated high school with a head full of dreams and a ten year plan. Nearly 5 years later, I’m here and my plans are no where close to what they were when I graduated high school. I wouldn’t say that my life is ruined, I just so happened to have taken a different path to reach my goals.

My 10 year plan

I had planned to start college in the fall, studying to become a diagnostic sonographer. I had wanted to get married and have my first child at the age of twenty, my second child at the age of twenty-two, and my third and last child at the age of twenty-four. I wanted to live on the West coast of the United States, somewhere like California where the sun is always shinning and the weather is generally warm. I was going to have it all: a loving family, a dog, a big house 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home with a fenced in yard, 3 car garage and a guesthouse. I was going to live the American dream.

My Reality

I am the twenty-two year old mother of three beautiful baby girls. I did not finish college, I dropped out after my first semester in order to help care for my grandmother that was found to have terminal cancer. Although I would have liked to finish school, I enjoyed spending the last few months of my grandmothers life getting to know her better and bonding. I do not live anywhere near the west coast, in fact I live in a small, nearly nonexsistant town in the middle of Kansas. I do not live in my luxurious 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home, instead I live in a cozy two bedroom 1 bathroom home. I’ve been married, abandoned by my husband after just two months of marriage, seperated, and divorced. Jadae has a different dad than the twins and he is the closest thing to a successful relationship that I have, and even it is a confusing nightmare.

This is my twisted fairytale. A blog about love, life, parenting, mothering multiples + 1, heartache, and so much more. This is my life.


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