Maybe one day

last night keeps replaying in my head. Not just the fight, but the things we were fighting about. I promised I’d that stuff go, and I really am trying my damnedest but the bigger part of me is saying I need to demand my respect.
on another note, I can feel the little butterfly movements – his secret way of saying “mommy, I love you, everything will be okay.” I’m not really sure if it’s a boy or not but I wasn’t prepared at all to be pregnant again so I know God is letting me have the son I always wanted. when I was younger I dreamed of having two boys and a girl, that way my boys could always protect their little sister…plans changed with each ultrasound lol. With that being said, I know this little life has to be a boy.
I hope that one day me and Joe will be able to work out all of our problems. Maybe even get married somewhere wayyyyyyyy down the line…that’s just some wishful thinking but who knows what God has in store for me…

The girls kept me super busy today. I’m exhausted from chasing after Jadae and the nausea is killing me. I’m honestly ready to pass out but the excitement of us getting this new house is keeping me awake trying to figure out how and where everything will go 🙂


2 thoughts on “Maybe one day

  1. Congrats on the pregnancy and the new house. Now is not the time to be stressed out! Things will work themselves out, remember to think positive!

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