Crazy in the Brains

I don’t know what it was about today. What made my kids decide to team up and together take out mom. I’m not quite sure what would possess all three of them to be big cry babies today and each want my attention “more than the other.” Today was hectic, pushing my nerves far past “happy mommy” and more like “Please sit down somewhere and be quiet” mommy. It started before Joe left to go to work. I’ve been extremely sore the past few days, for many different reasons. Joe’s been “catering” to me since the “misunderstanding” the other night: letting me sleep in when the girls wake up throughout the night, or when they’re fussy in the morning, making sure nothings wrong, ect. This morning he tried his best to let me sleep in, and even then the girls had it out for me. Like clockwork, all three girls started crying, no, screaming at the top of their lungs. Joe was trying his best to take care of all three of them at once, but me being the stay at home parent, I know how overwhelming it can be so I told him to give Jaleia to me, he take JaNiyah and we both try to settle Jadae down. At first Jaleia (Mommy’s girl #2) was a little apprehensive about my idea of us going back to sleep since according to their schedule, they weren’t supposed to be getting up for another hour and a half. I laid her on my chest and she looks up at me with the biggest grin on her face, I couldn’t help but to laugh at that. I also had to let her know “Leia, it’s not funny baby. It’s time to go to bed. Just for a little bit.” I have a dreadful case of insomnia (notice my entries are usually late at night) and so it’s already hard for me to stay on their schedule being as I only get a few hours of sleep. My body is usually BEGGING me to sleep in past noon but with an energetic, and very independant toddler running around the house, who by the way for some reason thinks that it’s her responsibility to feed the twins, pick them up and more, I can’t sleep while she’s up or else the twins will be in some kind of trouble. I can just imagine Jadae taking over lol. She already walks around the house with her teddy bears and dolls trying to put diapers on them, feed them her sisters bottles, burp them, shh them while putting them to sleep, buckling them up in her sisters car seats. It’s so comical. Did I mention she’s not even two years old yet. HA! I can only imagine what the future has in store for me being the mother of a unique, smart, individualist.

Anyways, back to the point. So I finally get Jaleia to stop laughing at me and smiling ๐Ÿ˜€ and to fall asleep. Seconds, literally seconds, after I close my eyes to drift back off to sleep with my little angel, a sippy cup smacks both me and Jaleia in the face. I got so mad. I knew it was Jadae so I slowly opened my eyes, trying my best to contain my anger. “Jadae, get over here and lay down NOW! You don’t need anything to drink right now, you just drank a whole two glasses of juice, and you really aren’t getting anything after hitting your sister and mommy in the face. Lay Down Now!” Jadae has this thing for running to daddy on the rare occassions that she gets in trouble with me, but not this time. She came and plopped down beside us on the bed screaming.

So after Jadae takes her 20 minute nap, which really dissappointed me since naptime in my household is usually two hours, she decides to get up and wake her sisters up, scream, yell, throw stuff, whine…the whole nine. Jaleia wasn’t feeling good so she projectile vommited, which was DISGUSTING to have to clean up. JaNiyah slept through all of this; I swear she’s a hard sleeper like her daddy.

Eventually all the girls were awake at the same time and still the yelling and screaming continued. I had a migraine for 4 hours today due to the screaming. In short, Jadae’s scream alone is so high pitched it could literally break a glass.

Also, I’m sure i’m not the only mother to complain about the time change, It’s killing me. Honestly, I was ready for bed at 6pm tonight. That’s my problem, I’ll be exhausted and fall asleep around 9, and wake up around 11 when Joe is usually getting off from work; then I can’t get back to sleep until around 5-6am only to be waken up 2-3 hours later by Jadae yelling “MAAAA” in my ear and tapping me in the face or chest. The one advantage of the time falling back? All 3 girls were in bed by 8:45 ๐Ÿ™‚

In conclusion, my day as a stay at home mom of three has been very hectic. Joe was held over at work tonight but will be home in about twenty minutes and im trying my best to stay awake until he gets home, otherwise I’ll be waken up when he comes in and then I won’t get any sleep. Only twenty more minutes left. Oh, and also I have to take back my earlier complaint of him not getting me anything for my birthday; my present arrived late but its GORGEOUS. I have a slight addiction for shoes, any kind of shoe: boots, sandles, sneakers, houseshoes lol idc as long as they make my feet feel loved. Here’s my present



4 thoughts on “Crazy in the Brains

  1. Wow, sounds like you had a really eventful day. Makes me a bit glad I don’t have kids yet, and kind of scared for when I do some day. I’m still going to have them, mind you, but that might be because I’m a masochist that way. ^_^

    But really, you just gotta love kids sometimes. They can annoy you to the point of wanting to kill them, but they always give you a reason not to. I feel that way sometimes with my nieces.

    And be glad that she wants to help out with her little sisters now. By the time she’s 13 or so, you’ll have to bribe her to even babysit them for an hour. Unless she’s one of the rare ones. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that she is. Well, I’ll keep them crossed for the next few minutes, at least. 11 years might be a bit long. I’ll have to use them eventually.

    Oh, and one last thing: cute shoes! I’m a wee bit of a shoe nut myself, even though I usually only wear my sneakers everywhere. Those look so very comfy. Great for running after toddlers, right?

    • Hahaha Don’t be scared for having children, every parent’s journey is a different one. My kids just so happen to be exactly like me! lol. My daughters are actually hilarious, just not when I’m already stressed out. She’s only 17 months older than her sisters so it’s pretty much like I have triplets hopefully the three of them will always be best friends (hey, i can dream right?) And thanks for the shoe comment, I rarely receive gifts from my s/o so it was wonderful. Plus, I LOVE shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That’s exactly why I’m afraid. Them being exactly like me. From the stuff my mom tells me, and the stuff I remember myself, I was an absolute terror. More energy than should be legal, and into everything I could find. I once cut all my hair off while my mom napped on the couch. I had ringlets, and they never grew back, which my mom always tells me sadly.

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