50 Fun things to entertain Toddlers


  1. Peak-a-Boo
  2. Read a book
  3. Watch a movie
  4. Sing a song
  5. Dance
  6. Play with Building blocks
  7. Color a picture
  8. Draw
  9. Play tag
  10. Go to the park
  11. Go for a drive
  12. Build a sand castle
  13. Go on a walk
  14. Play with Play dough
  15. Play with bubbles
  16. Fly a Kite
  17. Stack cups (tactile learning)
  18. Play House
  19. Let him/her help out with “task” around the house (children learn from what they see, never to early to learn to clean)
  20. Arts & Crafts
  21. Hide & Seek
  22. Make a car out of a box
  23. Play catch
  24. Kick the ball around outside
  25. Teach them new words, sounds, ect
  26. Practice writing
  27. Bake cookies (character theme, or seasonal theme)
  28. Piggy back rides
  29. Horsey rides
  30. Tug of war
  31. Collect Flowers
  32. Pretend call (little kids love play phones, Trust me!)
  33. Use a paper towel role as a megaphone
  34. Toilet Paper Role Binoculars
  35. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  36. Paint with water colors in an empty tub
  37. Red light, green light
  38. Red Rover
  39. Patty cake
  40. Make bracelets
  41. Pillow Fight
  42. Play in sprinkler
  43. Homemade drums out of pots and pans
  44. Play dress up
  45. Hopscotch
  46. Manicures/Pedicures
  47. Look through old photo albums
  48. Make a home movie
  49. Play board games
  50. Make holiday decor

2 thoughts on “50 Fun things to entertain Toddlers

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m not sure how old your daughter is but some of these things can already be put to use.
      Sing a song, make a silly face, read a book! Children love interaction and no matter how old, the communication helps them grow 🙂

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