Overly Hyper Whirlwind Day

Today was more than exhausting, I can’t even find the words to describe how tired I have been today. Last night I only got 4 hours of sleep, the night before 2 hours, with absolutely no help from Joe because he had to go to another town 30 minutes away. To top the fact that I had been running off of 6 hours of sleep for the past two days…Jadae thought today would be the perfect day to be extremely hyper. 

When I say EXTREME, please do not downsize the emphasis I put on that word. She was literally wide awake at 7 am this morning, keep in mind that the schedule we have her on has her set to wake up at 8:30am. Now don’t get me wrong, she didn’t wake up and just jump around breaking things or anything. She’s like a storm, always calm right before it hits. 

She woke up, and poked me in the eyes a few times saying “EEYYEE” as loud as she possibly could in effort wake me up. After she finally achieved her goal of disturbing the little amount of sleep that I did get, she insistently demanded that I turn on the television so that she could get her morning dose of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” (her absolute favorite tv show.)  This is when things begin to get exciting for her. I turn the tv on, and she starts jumping all over the place. She has a real thing for bouncing when she gets excited. Now, as soon as I turn to Disney Channel, I knew all hell would break lose, because Mickey Mouse was not on the tv, instead was the little face of Doc McStuffins. She loves Doc McStuffins as well, but if you want to have a good day with Jadae she better be able to watch Mickey Mouse first thing in the morning when she wakes up. I guess you could compare her addiction to Mickey Mouse to that of most Adults, especially parents, in america that just need their coffee first thing in the morning otherwise they’ll be zombie-like for the entire day. Since Mickey was in fact not on the tv, she got upset and threw her sippy cup across the room. At first I had confused my frustration with her with my tiredness. It wasn’t until I realized that Jadae has been throwing these little fits the past few days over little things, and big things, and absolutely nothing at all – that I realized that I had good reason to be upset. I immediately turned the tv back off, laid her down on the couch beside me and explained to her that it is not okay to throw fits like that and because she did she would be going back to sleep and missing the rest of her shows until it was time for her to get up. Now I must admit, a part of her punishment was my own little selfishness because I had honestly wanted more sleep. 

As the day progressed her attitude had gotten even worse, I honestly believe we set a record for time-outs today. As bedtime approached she began bothering her sisters (who go to bed an hour before her) trying her best to wake them so that I’d be busy with them when her bedtime came. Jadae may only be 20 months old but do not undermined her intelligence  she is a very bright and sneaky little kid. She has this little “routine” that she goes through when her daddy isn’t here. She waits until she see’s me tending to her sisters and then she really raises hell. When he bedtime approaches she bothers JaNiyah and Jaleia trying her best to get them as pissed off as she can because she knows that I will try to get them back to sleep before making her go to bed. 

I set off to put her to bed at 7pm knowing that it usually takes about an hour for her to wind down and then another hour for her to actually fall asleep. Unsuccessful was this attempt as for she didn’t fall asleep until well after 10pm. Now I am awake, tired and unable to sleep due to the annoying case of insomnia I’m so prone to. 


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