The Truth

The Truth; Part I

Written 22/April/2011


Life is full of so many aspects: Love, hurt, pain, joy, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, courage, fear, ignorance and wisdom. It wasn’t until I spoke to my friend the other day and had a conversation with him about how most women are, what most women want, and how a guy could actually get and keep a real woman – that I realized that just because I’ve come to learn things in life doesn’t mean everyone else has as great of understanding on different things as I do. Please don’t misconstrue my “note” to me being cocky about my knowledge in anyway, it’s far from cocky – I’m just trying to share my knowledge with those who care to learn from what I have to say. I also realize that this “Life Lesson” can also fall upon deaf ears that will never learn anything but the things they feel they KNOW. The first thing to know about life in order to life a happy and fulfilled life is that – Life is not to be understood, it is to simply be lived. You learn and understand the circumstances you go through and deal with in life but Life itself, can never be understood or learned. It’s a different experience for each person because a LIFE is built up by 3 components: Past, Present, and Future. When the past calls let it go to voicemail cause it has nothing new to say, focus on the present because that’s what’s here today and for the future, let go of that stress too cause tomorrow ain’t promised to anyone and when the Lord calls ain’t nothing you can do – but go. 


February 22, 2011 was both the best and worst day of my life. My baby girl was born making me the happiest woman on the face of this beautiful Earth. That is, until I realized that my child, my heart, my soul, my life – would have to grow up in this. In this Earth, all people focus on is money, sex, and drugs; it sadens me.

    MONEY: My ancestors faught so hard to overcome the thoughts that all black people would ever be good for is to make money (for others), and reproduce in order to keep the money coming – Now today, in 2011 every race slaves to survive and with all the hard work we do, WE ARE STILL JUST BARELY SURVIVING. I wonder how racism can still exsist when in reality we are all one race – HUMAN! We either survive together or we die together yet somehow, someway – it still exsist. One day a few months ago my cousin and I took her son to the park; a white kid aproached my baby cousin and said “Hey! You’re a black kid. Hi little black kid.” I was instantly enraged. First off, my cousin isn’t even “black” he is a mixture of different cultures. Secondly, How dare someone label him as a “little black kid.” I was ashamed, ashamed of the little boys parents, family and friends. Anyone who had a part in raising that child because he was begining life in ignorance. The point is, there are no blacks, whites, asians, mexican, mulato’s or any other label you can stick on a person because of the color of their skin and their outter charictaristics – the only thing there is, is HUMAN; and as humans, we have let money become the idea of power. Our children are being raised to believe that money is everything – from their parents slaving to put food on the table to the different shows on tv. Regardless if you think you are letting your children watch “good shows” or what some would consider to be “bad shows” – it’s teaching them that Money is the power. I love hip hop but the fact that our people can be infulenced by a music video to the point that they believe selling drugs, prostitution, and living the “street dream” by being a thug, hoodrat, hoochie, or gang banger is COOL and the way to live life – is horrible. We as people need to learn that money is not power but knowledge is. My great grandma used to say “they can take anything and everything away from you in this life: family, friends, money, clothes, housing, ect. But they can never take away your knowledge.” Those are words to live by, learn by, and teach by. Money is not power – Knowlege is. 

    Sex: Of course as humans we are driven to have sex because reproduction is a part of survival; maybe not as an indiviudal but as a whole. If no one in the world reproduced the human race would die out. Sex itself is not the problem; the problem is that as humans we’ve become so at ease with the idea of sex that: There are special channels, websites, apps, ect made just for sex –  You can catch a sex scene in almost any movie, tv show, music video, magazine – and the sad part is, there are now tv shows idolizing the idea of teen pregnancy. I am guilty of being a fan of some of these shows including Teen Mom and The Secret Life of an American Teenager – but that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that these shows are REALITY. Teenage pregnacy has gone from a fear to a horrible reality. To many parents don’t have the “sex talk” with their kids, they expect schools to educate their children on all the rights and wrongs in life – but the truth is, schools can’t teach kids everything. Stop being scared to be honest with your kids, stop being scared to have awkward moments, and stop being scared to hear what your kids have to say because what they have to say could allow you a chance to stop them from ruining their lives in so many different ways. The one thing I’ve always loved and respected about my family is that we can be honest with each other, no matter what. I don’t hide anything from them because when the rest of the world is missing, my brothers and mom will ALWAYS be there to help me through. The point is – sex is not a thing to be idolized by children, and teens so lets stop making it seem like sex is a hot, new trendy item to be set on a pedistal because it’s not. To the younger people reading this – take it from a 20 year old who got pregnant at 19 years old and had a baby at 20; getting pregnant doesn’t mean he’s going to stay and in all honesty if you get pregnant at a young age – it usually means he’s going to leave and you’ll be left to do everything alone – if you’re lucky you’ll have a supportive family and friends you can count on to help you – but not everyone is lucky. You’re life won’t be over because you have a kid, but at times it’ll feel like it. Becoming a parent means giving up the make-up, partying all night, splurging on pointless things – because the only thing in life that matters after having a baby, is your baby. Having a baby is a wonderful thing – IF, and WHEN you’re ready – emotionally, financially and physically. Being a parent is hard work. 


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