They say I’m Beautiful

They say I’m beautiful 


they say im beautiful 

aint got no way or rhyme 

they say im beautiful, 

but do they see my mind 

they say im beautiful, beautiful 

they say im beautiful, by sum standards 

and i dont really understand those words cause its not the easiest thing to accidentilly do or be 

but here I am fooling them all making them believe im a flower but really im just a brown weed. 

Growing slowly rising and surrounding my throat 

Choking myself for death 

Because it whispered in my ear the night I forgot how beautiful I really was 

Just the way god mad me 

By myself, with enough love to substain just one more disappointing heartache. 

I had to say no more not this time, he would no longer hurt me 

He said im so beautiful in his eyes 

Fooled him too 

Im fragile like dried rose petals 

Preserved by sulking somewhere between the first and last thin crisp page of the dusty bible that never gets touched by curious hands, 

Groping for the truth on a blind mission to find the kingdom of God but if they only knew how beautiful they were in the place deepest within 

Where God rest his glorious head, on folded arm, right were the elbow bends, writing poetry 

Changing destiny’s, healing battle scars, mending holes in beautiful souls 

So they can at least laugh, smile, and breath, without feeling conjested with sorrow. 

Poetry is everything u need to make it through tomorrow, just the way God made you 

And if need be, by yourself 

With enough self love overflowing and glowing 

So how could you, black woman, sister of mine, ever forget your beauty 

they say im beautiful, 

But do they see my mind? 




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