Moving on up

So for those who follow my blog, you know that I’ve been busy moving so sorry for my absence.

I was busy Friday moving my stuff to our new house, however we didn’t get everything moved and since Joe’s not off again until this weekend coming up, we planned on finishing then. However, our plans were ruined. The house (more like a shack) that we were moving out of had belonged to my uncle. Apparently my older cousin and his girlfriend were evicted and had until later on today to move out of their house and so my uncle gave them permission to just throw the rest of my stuff where ever while they moved their stuff in.

So to sum things up, Joe ended up late to work today in effort to get our stuff to our new house ( we still haven’t gotten all of our stuff yet 😦 )

Oh and to make things even worse, I have strep throat and the girls are still sick. I feel sorry for Joe because I admit, I am a BIG BABY when I’m sick. For the past few days Joe’s been staying up late with the girls and waking up early to tend to them just so I could get extra rest. I was honestly surprised about that because Joe usually doesn’t care what’s going on around him, he isn’t willing to get up early for anyone or anything…but I guess maybe this is his way of showing me he really does want this to work out somehow.

Anyways, to sum things up, these past few days have been pretty horrible to me; Oh and to make matters worse: our home phone, internet, and cable won’t be switched over until at least Friday 😦


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