Giving Thanks: A stepfather

Growing up my father didn’t play a big role in my life, he was there but only about 20% if that.

As I was sitting thinking about the holidays and realizing that both Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up quick – I realized that I often take advantage of Joe. It takes a real man to step up and raise a child that is not biologically their own, but an even bigger man to genuinely treat and love that child as their own. Watching him day-to-day and on holidays, you would’ve never guessed he hasn’t been there from the beginning.

Jadae’s First Christmas Eve

Jadae was three months old when she first met her “step-father” to be, Joseph. Although she was still practically new, she hadn’t had a close relationship with her biological father since he disappeared during my pregnancy and has only seen her about 7 days out of her, now, 21 months of life. I would say the greatest thing about the bond that Joe and Jadae have, would be the fact that she had no real “desire” for another father. She was to young to really even know that she was missing out on anything at all, and had enough love from everyone else that she wasn’t, in fact, missing out on anything.

Poor Joe. Fast forward 18 months after meeting Jadae and now his biggest concern in life is the “B” word. That’s right, Boys. Joe is soon to be twenty-one years old and more than prepared to go buy a shotgun for any boy that dares to break his sweet, precious, innocent Jadae’s heart. He is about tough love. Jadae knows more than anything that daddy loves her, but also know that he is a father before a friend.

Daddy and Jadae at the doctors

I am so thankful for Joe. I grew up without a “real” father, to this day I barely know anything about my father and the only time we talk is when I call him. Joe has given Jadae what I wished for as a child, a daddy. You would never believe that Joe is not her biological father, he would jump off the Earth himself for her.

Daddy doing Jadae’s Hair

So thank you babe! Thank you for stepping up when he stepped down, for being a real DADDY to our baby girl, for never treating her differently, for loving her the same, for accepting her flaws and all.

Daddy and Jadae on Easter Sunday


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