To the Boys of my Future

To the little 5 or 6 year old boy that will call my daughter names, pick on her, tease her, make her feel absolutely ugly or fat. I first want to say thank you. Not the reaction you expected I suppose, me being her mother and all; I say thank you because you are, at this point, making my life easier by ensuring that she hates boys and teaching her to avoid boys like you. Second I want to apologize to you. I am so sorry that your parent’s couldn’t lock it in the dungeon you call your head that all little girls are princesses and to be treated as so. Next, I would like to offer you my “words of wisdom,” treat every girl like you would want your mother, sister, or daughter treated – Karma has a way of showing that ugly little face of hers in ways we’d never imagine.

To the 10 year old boy, you will more than likely be my daughter’s first “real” crush. The one she basically obsesses over, the one she chats with all of her best friends about, and the one that she’ll hid from me wanting me to believe that she is not yet interested in boys. You are the beginning of my hell. Thank you. Thank you for being the sweet preparation for the many heartaches and breaks that I, as her mommy, will have to heal. Thank you temporarily being her “knight in shinning armor” and allowing her to somehow believe that even though you probably don’t even speak to her regularly, the two of you will live happily ever after. Thank you for being so decent to actually feel bad that you hurt her feelings, made her cry, or maybe even broke her innocent little heart.

To the sixteen year old boy, you are the trouble maker. No matter how the relationship with you and my daughter ends, I will hate you! I will dislike you for the simple fact that at sixteen, most girls think that every guy they have a relationship with is “the one.” They have it in their minds that they will have their “happily ever after” with you (her prince charming) and because you know no better, you will break her heart. Though I would never want to see any of my children hurt I must thank you. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to grow, to learn that love takes time, to learn how to heal the ugly scars that life will create and mend the heart that love will break.

To the twenty year old that will be the one to truly break my daughters heart, you should’ve valued what you had. Her love, like a rose that grows, is beautiful – possibly full of thorns but only for protection. It requires love (like water and sunshine) to grow; you, young man, have depleted her of her nourishment, causing her heart to temporarily wither. These scars are permanent and will last a life time. Thank you for the opportunity for me to show my daughter that she deserves so much more. Thank you for allowing me to teach her about “real love”

To the boys of my future, My daughters are my world. You will hurt her, she will hate you but most importantly she will learn, grow, and move on to someone who deserves her. Again, thank you to the “BOYS” of my future.


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