Hospital Bag Checklist

When I first found out that I would become a mother, a trillon thoughts rushed through my mind. As my due date neared I found myself wondering “What exactly do I need to pack for the hospital? Will I have everything I need? What If I forget something?”  So I googled it, and to my surprise, when the time came I found that I had over packed with unnecessary items because I thought it was a good idea to follow the list I had found online. When I found out I would become a mother of twins I was more than terrified. With twins you never know how long you’ll be in the hospital after having them, so I was afraid that this time I would under pack or again pack to much of unneeded items. My friend is pregnant and is overwhelmed with what to expect so I decided that I would compile a few list to help her, and others, along the journey to parenthood.

Hospital Bag Checklist (one baby)

1.) Night Gowns

You will want to have 2-4 seasonal appropriate night gowns. You’ll feel much better in your own comfortable somewhat pretty night gown as opposed to the night gowns the hospital provides.

2.) Ladies Briefs

I know what you’re thinking “these are not sexy…AT ALL!” Ladies trust me, after having a baby, sexy will be the last thing on your mind. These briefs may not be sexy however they are comfortable especially after having a baby because you won’t want anything to tight on your “area.”

3.) Chapstick

Labor takes a lot out of you, including hydration. Your lips will get dry and trust me, chapstick was a life savor in my case.

4.) Nursing Pads

Regardless if you’ll breastfed or not, your breast will leak and you’ll appreciate having something to stop those embarrassing leak marks.

5.) Coming home outfits

You’ll want to make sure to have a coming home outfit or two for each you and your baby or babies. I would say two outfits just in case one doesn’t fit the way you’d like. When you choose a coming home outfit for yourself, you might want to go with sweats because you’ll more than likely still be a little sore from having a baby and the loose fitting clothes will feel great.

6.) Infant car seat(s)

A lot of parents buy convertible car seats for their newborns. My first child was a singleton (1 baby) and I expected her to weigh more so I purchased a convertible car seat instead of an infant car seat. She only weighed 6 lbs 6 ounces at birth and was wayyyy to small for her car seat and I still ended up having to go buy an infant car seat.

7.) Slipper Socks

Slipper socks are amazing when being in a hospital because not only are they comfortable but they will help you keep your balance on those slippery hospital floors.

8.) Camera

You’ll want to have a camera to capture all those precious moments of your newborn.

9.) Hair Accessories

You’ll want to be able to do something with your hair since family and friends will want to take pictures of you and your new baby.

10.) Make-Up

 Even if it’s just a little eye-liner and lip gloss. You’ll feel much prettier.

11.) Medications

If you take any medications at home then you’ll want to have them on hand at the hospital. You’ll also want to inform your doctors of any medications you’re currently taking.

12.) Cell Phone and Charger

Most people will remember their cell phone, but forget their chargers. Make sure to pack an extra charger in your hospital bag because when the time comes, you won’t be thinking about grabbing your charger.

13.) Toiletries

The hospital will provide toiletries however you’ll feel much better if you have your own toiletries handy. The hospital will usually provide you will travel size Johnson&Johnson’s baby wash, roll on deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and a toothbrush.

13.) Postpartum Binder

If you have had a large baby or twins, you will likely be left with a mummy tummy in front of you.  A small one may go away on it’s own, as most women are left looking pregnant for a short while post delivery, and things return to normal thereafter

Make sure your binder is c-section friendly, if you have had one.  Also, make sure to buy it, and have it ready in your bag.  No dismay if it doesn’t come in time. You can always bind up in the days and weeks to follow.  It still works.

14.) Binder

The hospital will more than likely provide you with a folder, however it is alot easier to stay organized with all the paperwork they’ll provide you with if you prepare your own binder at home with the categories you’ll want. Great for also writing about certain experiences there and happenings, like a journal.  Including your own personal feelings.  Birth weights, shots given, weight at discharge, special things you need to buy or are recommended to you, etc., are also important to note.

*If you are a mother of multiples*

Boppy Pillow

You may want to take a boppy pillow or two. You only have one set of arms and with two babies, your arms are bound to tire. Having the boppy pillows available at the hospital for the babies to rest on will be an absolute life saver.


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