Product Review: Graco Duoglider Double Stroller

Graco Duoglider Double Stroller

As a mother of multiples and a toddler, a double stroller is pretty much a necessity! I had purchased this product from a family that had bought it and then received a new double stroller that they had liked better; however they had only used it for a week before I purchased it from them and they provided me with the receipt to prove the age of the stroller.  Full Disclosure: This review is strictly based on my personal opinion, to inform others of my experience with this product. I am not receiving any form of payment for this review!

At first I was a little confused on how to close the stroller, I am used to it being quick and easy because of the stroller I use for my toddler (which I will later review).  This stroller is not easy to close for storage. It is also hard to turn or navigate in general, if you are looking to gain some muscle then this product is for you. I literally had to use force to get this stroller to move at any appreciated speed. I do however favor this stroller over one other double stroller that I’ve tried. I found that the best feature this product offers is the “roomy” seats. My twins were premature and so I could sit two of them in the back seat until they were 4 months old, which made it easier for me since I could set my toddler in the front seat and not have to worry about lugging around two strollers!! I didn’t notice until after I had the stroller for a few month (probably because I always make my boyfriend push this stroller) that it has about 3 storage compartments other than the parent trays. The parent tray features a “storage box” as I’d like to call it which is just a little box that has a closing lid on it which I find useful for items that I don’t want to accidentally lose on my journey such as credit cards, money, phone, ect.




°Parent Tray

°Child Tray

°Extra Storage Bins

° Storage Box

° Seats 2-3 people


°Hard to push

°Hard to turn


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