Fisher Price *Starlight* Cradle & Swing Review

For some reason I can not fathom that every product is like the product that we purchased. I am more displeased with this product than pleased. The legs of the swing are supposed to snap into place, mine slide on however it don’t securely lock. I’ve tried many different times and ways to get it to lock into place like it should yet still have not been able to. At times the swing will seem as if it’s dying although it plus into the wall, I was informed by someone else that its a motor malfunction and if you write to the company they’ll replace it. The person that informed me of this had purchased their swing way before me and personally I feel like if I had purchased a product within 1-3 months, I shouldn’t already have to write/call in for replacement parts. The detatchable tray was hated by my twins and so I detatched it not realizing that the swing doesn’t really “cradle” your baby and so if your baby prefers leanign to one side, it may possibly fall out of the swing. I’ll show you what I mean since my “baby B” (Jaleia) loves leaning to her right and is always laying basically on the side of the swing

Again, leaning and reaching for the net

Jaleia leaning in the swing; also she can grab the net

I guess those are my only real complaints. The pluses of this product are that it is 2 directional which is a major plus for me since my twins like to be rocked different ways. The lights, sounds, and mobile help guide your baby into dreamland. I like the fact that it has volume control, different speeds for different aged babies, and you can play just lights, just the mobile or both at the same time. I find that the net is sort of pointless except it “traps” the light so that your baby will focus on the shapes it casts out.

Overall, I honestly feel like I could’ve gone with a more simple 2 directional swing for cheaper and saved some money. Only one of my babies like the music it plays and since at time’s it acts as if it’s going to die at any moment, it’s sort of useless when it comes to trying to get them to sleep by swinging. Please do not misconstrue what I am saying here, to sum everything up – This is a good product if you are looking for lots of ways to entertain your baby while you do other things like housework, just be sure to keep a close eye on your baby (as with any product) while swing is in use, especially if you don’t have the activity tray attached. The seat cover is removable for wash which is a good feature as well. I would give this swing 3 stars.


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