Just Dance 4

[Image Courtesy of Google.Com and Gamefanatics.com]

This game is amazing. My boyfriend and I had been fighting for a little while over big decisions. I begged him to stay at home and we went to Redbox and rented this game. We started playing and ended up playing for hours. Laughing and Joking we had a good time dancing to some the hottest songs from 2012. This game also features songs from “back in the day” which presents a challenge to anyone who doesn’t listen to older music. I mean, it is a game right? So a challenge is a good thing. This game is multi-player and features challenges allowing players to choose between battling or coming together to beat the challenges. The best part about the game? You’re working out, exercising and slowly losing weight by burning calories but you won’t even notice! Perfect for people who want so badly to work out but can’t stay motivated to do so! All in all, fantastic game! Two thumbs up! I would definitely recommend this for families to spend quality time together, something lacking in us households today.


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