Mothers Make Do

Last night we got 3/4 of our stuff moved to our new house from the shack. The other 1/4 of our stuff is trapped underneath all of my cousin and his “baby mama’s” items that they decided to move in on top of our stuff. So the majority of our day yesterday was spent by Joe and his little brother moving stuff leaving me to do any shopping and washing our entire cookware/dish sets. After I finished the dishes Joe cooked us pizza while I bathed the girls. Since Joe didn’t feel like he should partake in helping me with the girls by at least getting them dressed, he sat on the couch with Jadae and ate pizza while I bathed JaNiyah and Jaleia. By the time I got done bathing all the girls and getting them dressed, my pizza was cold and I was exhausted. Courtesy of My work wasn’t quite done yet being as the girls still needed to be put to bed. The exciting part about bedtime was that both our KING SIZE bed and Jadae’s Full size bed had finally arrived at the house. I’m only 5’2″ so a king size bed is a perfect little heaven to me, and Jadae’s bed finally arriving meant that she no longer needed to sleep in our bed…or so I thought. I took an hour and a half long detox bath then at 4:47 am I’m awake by Jadae’s screaming and stomping, Joe and I jump out of bed (both nearly having a heart attack). Nothing at all was wrong with her, she had just waken up in the middle of the night and we weren’t there beside her. I sense a bad habit is going to need to be broken very soon; my back can not handle Jadae sleeping with me every night, and since she’s almost two years old she doesn’t need to be sleeping with us anyway. I’m awaken again at 8:27 by both Jaleia crying and my phone ringing.

I assumed that was the world’s way of telling me it was time to get up, so I got up and got me and Jadae dressed, teeth brushed and we went on a walk to meet my mom. When we got back from spending time with my mom, it was time for Joe to go to work and the girls to take their nap. I hoped I would be able to get a nap in too after that detox bath last night I was exhausted. Jaliea wasn’t having it. She made sure to cry every single time I thought I would even be able to lay down but the moment I sat up she would start smiling and laughing. I didn’t find that very funny. After Jadae woke up I decided I would cook dinner. I had planned on cooking hamburgers, macaroni, and green beans. The key word there was Planned. I had asked Joe last night to remove the ground beef from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator so that I’d be able to cook it today. Thinking he had, I didn’t think I would need to defrost it today. I go to grab the ground beef out of the fridge and it isn’t there. I had already began preparing the macaroni and green beans so I was pretty pissed that the main component of my meal was frozen. I had to quickly think of something to replace the hamburger. HOT DOGS! life saver, to some that’s not the idea meal – to me…it works!


Lately Jadae has been in her off again stage with her “relationship” with foods. She goes through these stages, if that’s what you wanna call it, where she’ll only eat certain foods. This week, pizza & pasta. Oh, and she LOVES bread so she’ll eat that on any occasion. While I was preparing our quick dinner Jadae decided to rearrange the house and express her creative ideas and the way the world should be in her opinion.

I guess she thought the battery was low

Jadae is always running around the house replacing the phone with a remote on the charging base, I just so happen to catch it on camera today. She knows the phone goes there but sometimes she replaces it for a bit and then puts the phone back on the base to charge too. So anyways, I thought I had fixed something that she would maybe, possibly eat since she loves hot dogs and macaroni and surprisingly loves veggies.  Boy was I wrong!!

Jadae “eating” dinner

Instead she decided it was a better idea to throw food all around the living room and a little in the kitchen! After I smartened up and realized that she wasn’t eating even a little bit, I decided it was best to just let her finish continuing to express her dislike of my cooking while I ate. Once I thought she was finally distracted from the food she left lying all over the floor, I began picking it up – and she had the nerve to throw a fit. Am I raising a slob or what? Finally I got it all cleaned up and tried to let her play. She insisted on trying to comb the little hair her sisters heads of produced. For some reason she loves messing with hair, then again, cosmetology is a skill that has ran in my family for generations. A little cosmetologist perhaps? Maybe.

The worst part of the night so far was receiving a phone call from Joe, he was at work and called to tell me that he want’s to join the military and he was going to be held over at work until 3am. I am the sister of a Marine, and soon to have a little brother who will be a Marine as well. I support our troops 10000% I just don’t know how I would feel about the father of my children being in the military. I know, that’s selfish of me. I honestly don’t think I could handle him being away from our kids as much as his duties would require him to be… Oh well, that topic is for another time. The second worst part of the night was the nearly 3 hour battle with Jadae to get her to fall asleep.

At last, all the girls are asleep after a long day of play, and relaxation (on their part) and now it’s mommy’s time to grab some hot cocoa and snuggle up with my blog.

    One thing all mother’s know how to do, is make do!


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