Potty Training Boot Camp

And so it begins. I want Jadae potty trained before Christmas, she’s been more than ready show plenty of different signs: pulling on her diaper, saying pee, running to the bathroom door and knocking when having to go. Yet somehow, it’s been so hard to get her to potty train. We sort of tried the 3-day challenge but the first attempt was really more like a 1 day try out. So here we are again, approaching the 3-day Potty training challenge with our game faces on. Beginning tomorrow you can join us in our Journey into the three day challenge. For those who are unaware of what that is, let me explain. 

The 3 day potty training challenge does not garentee that your child or mine will be completely potty trained in three days; it does however promise that, if done correctly, your child will be independently going to the potty more often. Please understand that your child may still have accidents here and there or may still need some assistance with pottying or potty training in general. 

What you’ll need

plenty of juice or fluids, snacks that encourage peeing (either ones that make you thirsty, such as salty snacks, or foods with higher water content),

supplies for cleaning up accidents such as rags, cleaning solution, and a plastic bucket

several pairs of loose fitting pants for your child to wear (be prepared to do lots of laundry over these 3 days) 

Potty chair or training seat. In my case, We’ll be using a training seat because Jadae’s dislike of potty chairs. 

An absorbent towel or pad to go over the car seat just in case of accidents may also come in use if you will be needing to go anywhere. 

Finally if it’s cold where you live (it is here in Kansas!) then you may want to have space heaters, knee socks, or leg warmers prepared or just keep the heat up so that your toddler doesn’t catch a cold. 


The week before you start

Show your child their diapers and explain that starting (whatever day you’ll be starting) there will be no more need for diapers and that he/she will be able to be “nakey” or diaper free. Explain it as a fun, new milestone or development (After you use all of these diapers, you get to be naked!) 

This method works well because toddlers LOVE to be naked. They don’t care about potty training, their goal is simply to be naked and free from their diaper. 


Day 1: 

As soon as your child wakes up let him/her go naked below the waist.

Watch for signs that your child is ready to poop/pee.

When he/she starts to go, rush them to the nearest potty or toilet. 

At any point in the day that you have to use the bathroom, take your child with you. Demonstrate how to pull down your pants and underwear, sit on the potty, use the bathroom, wipe yourself, pull up your underwear and pant, flush the toilet and wash your hands. 

Celebrate with your child anytime he/she uses the potty, even if it’s just a few drops of pee/poop. Do the potty dance, even if you have to make one up! Give praise of some sort: High fives and so on. 

*Toddlers generally go to potty independently after 10-12 successful tries. 

If your child has an accident let them know that it’s okay, afterall they are still just learning. Help your child clean up by placing your hand over his/hers and showing them how to clean themselves. 

Before nap time and bedtime, inform your child that it is time to go potty (don’t ask because your child will more than likely say no no matter what). After your child has sat on the potty for at least 2-3 minutes put a diaper on your child to sleep unless your are confident that your child will remain dry throughout the night.

Day 2

Continue to follow the instructions for day 1, the only difference is that on day two you can go outside together for an hour in the afternoon (if weather permits doing so). Wait until your child uses the potty and then go outside immediately. This links using the potty BEFORE leaving the house. 

When you go out, continue to have your child wear loose pants with nothing underneath. No diapers, training pants, or underwear. The goal is to make it out and back accident-free without having to use the potty. Take spare clothes in case you’re unlucky. I will be started with an afternoon outside of playing, just in case she has an accident.

Day 3 

Follow the previous instructions but on day 3 try to take two outtings without accidents. Each time have your child use the potty before going out. Again, have your child wear loose fitting clothes with nothing underneath. 


After the 3 day challenge, you may want to continue to have your child go naked below the waist when at home. You may still want to use diapers at nap time and bedtime when needed. Training pants and underpants feel like diapers to children and if you use them to soon after potty training it will encourage your child to go in them. After at least a month or two (suggested time is 3 months) without any accidents your child should be ready to start wearing underpants and will no longer need to go naked at home. 


If the 3 day challenge doesn’t work, wait 6-8 weeks and try again. This is our second try! 


2 thoughts on “Potty Training Boot Camp

  1. I remember when I had to potty train my kiddos. My daughter was a breeze for some reason she just didn’t like wet diapers on her and she was more eager to do it than us. My son is a totally different story. He was so much harder and much longer and since I am at home I teach him sitting at first and then dad had to teach him standing. He still waits at the last minute so we had to re-train him again. I am just waiting for our toddler son to get ready to start with him. Probably not till next year though. He isn’t even in pull-ups yet but he is showing signs like pulling at his diaper. Good Luck. I hope you guys reach your goal.

    • Well Jadae’s 21 months old but she was showing signs before the 17 months old, we just waited to try to train her since the twins were born.
      Now it looks like our boot camp may be rescheduled because it seems like she may be in diarrhea 😦 Thanks for the good luck wishes though, I truly appreciate them and will really need them

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