Forever away

Today is Joe’s “friday” at work, yes I know it is literally Friday but what I mean by that is, he’s off for the next few days after today. Of course Joe decided that he just needed to get away from home AGAIN and go to his moms for the weekend, a bad habit that has been going on for quite some time now. Nearly every off day Joe has is being spent away from the girls and me. I often try to explain to him that he’s only at home when he has to work, which is bad since he works second shift it really means he’s only home to sleep. 

It makes me feel like he doesn’t want to be here period and if that is the case, I’d much rather him go ahead and be gone. I don’t like that he doesn’t spend more time with the girls since honestly the only time he spends QUALITY time with them is an hour, maybe a little more before work – and if they are awake after. Then he scurries off on his rest days to go party with his friends and family, forgetting the family we made and leaving us home alone. He doesn’t see this as such a big deal, I wonder how much of a big deal it will be to him when the girls are older and explaining to him how he was rarely around. Oh well, I guess that’s something he’ll have to deal with alone. I just find it funny since he often tells me that I don’t do much for the girls since I am a stay at home mom. He’s crazy out of his mind obviously because he doesn’t understand just how hard the job of being a stay at home mom, especially one of three kids under the age of 2, can be! 


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