Kids and responsibility – Kinda

“She’s trying to learn, one day you’ll appreciate that she learned early.” 

– Joe


I’m not quite sure why, but for some reason Jadae really seems to think I fold her clothes for my health. Since we just moved into a new house, Joe went and rewashed all the girls clothes because we were in such a rush moving that a lot of dirty clothes got mixed in with the clean clothes, so he figured it’d be best to just wash them all. My girls are absolutely spoiled and already have a passion for fashion being as their dresser drawers overflow and their closets are packed. Little do they know, soon me and Joe will be going through our monthly routine of going through their clothes and choosing some of each to donate. I had gotten all the girls clothes all folded. Fresh basket of folded clothes sitting on their bedroom floor waiting to be put away, I stepped out of the room for just a second in order to put the towels away in the bathroom. When I come back Jadae is “folding” her and her sisters clothes AND “putting them away.” It was a disaster. Joe thought it was hilarious, only because his part of doing the laundry is washing and drying them. I had to giggle to avoid becoming upset, because she honestly didn’t know that she was messing things up. One day I’ll look back on this moment and laugh because she’ll be wanting me to fold and put away her clothes; I’ll just have to remind her of this day. 


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