Potty Training Challenge Day 1

I decided to go ahead and start our challenge today! For day 1 I will be putting Jadae on the potty every 15 minutes, that may seem a little excessive but she drinks lots of juice throughout the day and hopefully we can make it ALMOST accident free today. The challenge started at 2:oopm central time. I will be updating this post every 15 minutes and doing a wrap up post at the end of our night.

2:00 – Put Jadae on the potty, she sat there put did not use the potty. She then wiped herself, got down, flushed the toilet then pulled her pants up and washed her hands.

2:15 – Jadae sat on the potty again, this time she went just a little. She then wiped herself, flushed the toilet, pulled up her pants, then washed her hands.

2:30 – I was changing JaNiyah and didn’t realize it was time for Jadae to be sat on the toilet, she had an accident at 2:34 due to my horrible timing. When she had the accident she immediately started crying and trying to take her pants off. This shows that the challenge is working even if it’s just showing her the difference between wet/dry.

2:45 – Jadae was eating, I checked her but let her continue to eat since she hasn’t been wanting to eat lately. No accident!

3:00 – Jadae went and sat on the potty. Released some gas in effort to poop but didn’t actually use the potty! She tried and we celebrated the attempt.

03:12 – Jadae ran to me holding herself, I dropped everything I was doing (blogging) and rushed her to the bathroom. Again, she tried to poop but was unsuccessful. The important thing here is that she’s realizing that she may have to go and is at least attempting nearly every time!

03:22 – Accident! Jadae had accidentally wet herself outside the bathroom door. She was attempting to go on her own

03:30 – Jadae went to sit on the potty, but didn’t use it. At this point I think she’s only enjoying trying to go so that she can wash her hands. She loves playing in water.

03:32 – More juice

03:40 – Accident; again she wet herself but this time she was not even attempting to make it to the bathroom, she was distracted by trying to wake her little sister up!

03:45- Attempt but not successful also tried to force her baby doll to use the potty as well.

04:00 – Sat, didn’t go, wiped and washed hands

04:15 – accident

04:30 – attempt, not successful

05:00 – okay who am I kidding, it’s extreme to update this every single times she uses the potty. From here on out I’ll only be updating if she successfully uses the toilet or she has an accident.


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