Blog Challenge Day 1: Uncovering Me

Today is day 1 of the blog challenge! Yes it’s true, I must be just a little conceited since I am more than willing to do a blog challenge where I talk about myself for 30 days; nothings wrong with just a little conceitedness right? Well even if there is something wrong with it, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-discovery so we’ll just call it that! I’m not gonna lie, I’m just a little hesitant to even begin this challenge for two reasons: Having young kids makes it hard to get things done and with me being the type of person that just needs to finish what I start, I will need to be prepared to deal with the sleep deprivation that will come with this challenge; Reason number two, do I really want to know that much about myself, will I like what I find out about myself or will it change who I am entirely?

I post often so my hopes are to actually get this done in thirty days, but with this being the time of year to spend quality time with the one’s we love it may throw a curve ball in my plans.

And here we go with Day 1: List 10 random facts about yourself

1.) I am my parents only daughter which automatically deems me princess and entitles me to be spoiled rotten!

2.) When I was little my brothers were making fun of me so I wrote a runaway note explaining to them how bad they hurt my feelings and told them I was running away back to Denver. I got about a block and a half away from our house then ran back home and hid in the back yard for hours. When I finally went inside they just laughed at me!

3.) I’ve been homeless

4.) I battle Depression Disorder

5.) I have very few female friends, the majority of my friends are guys but I always wished I had a best friend that was a girl so we could have a friendship like the one’s on TV where we would do pretty much everything together!

6.) It’s extremely hard for me to forget something you’ve done once you hurt me.

7.) I am so much stronger than I appear to be.

8.) I could literally eat rice everyday!

9.) I’m emotional

10.) My life is like a twisted fairy tale.


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