Splitting Christmas

The holidays bring out the best in most people, unless you’re a scrooge which in that case is fine too. The holidays also present us with tons of stress, anxiety, irritability, and bugetitise (fear of overextending your budget.) Not only do you have all the already irrational fears of the holiday’s (will they like their presents, did I forget to purchase something, ect) but then to add on to those fears you have to make the decision of where to spend your holiday’s. Do we go see his side of the family? Do we go see mine? Should we just stay home? This situation is a challenge many people are forced to overcome each year, especially new parents. It’s already difficult enough deciding where to go, what to do, who to see, and what to buy! To add on to that stress you have to decide what traditions will be carried on and which will be forgotten. Decisions, decisions, decisions! They’re enough to make even the Grinch have a heart attack and  yet we put ourselves through it every single year! In my household, I would like to start our own traditions; just me, my s/o, and our kids. Joe (my s/o), on the other hand would like to split the holidays between families. I’m nearly positive he doesn’t realize that this means that we have to share ourselves with our families for precisely the same amount of time in order to avoid any complaints on how one family got more time with our babies than the other, and so forth. New babies are a magnet to extended family, ready to snuggle, cuddle and play. Their expectations are that they will be allowed all the time in the world with your new addition. We still haven’t quite figured out how we’re going to spend this holiday season, if we’ll split it or start our very own traditions.

How do you split the holidays? Have you ever gotten grief about your holiday decisions?


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