About Me

My name is JaShawndra! I am a daughter, a niece, a sister, an aunt, a mother, a cousin, a girlfriend, a friend, a “baby mama”, a cousin – but most of all, I am me. I am the mother of the most beautiful little girls in the world, They are more than my heart, They are my soul.

{.~Miss Jadae, Miss JaNiyah & Miss Jaleia~.}

 I’m beautiful, Happy, Loving, Hateful, Insecure, and Confident all wrapped up in a tight little package.  The best thing about me, are my daughters. I have the most amazing -&- supportive family ever. Simply Put – I love my life. I may be the most selfless person you’d ever meet. I’m not one to beg for your acceptance, just one asking for an open ear. When I love, I love hard. I full heartedly trust God & God only. although I believe if someone does something intentionally once they’ll do it again, honest apologies make a world of difference . I only give advice to those who listen, if I loved you once -I always will . I’m not easily convinced but easily curious . I’ve been referred to as a real sophisticated&beautiful human-being, sweet & humble, with knowledge beyond my years — yet still naive and careless . but those are just repeated opinions, so who knows who I am truthfully right? either way, I may not be who you think I am . I’d surprise you; I love my life; It’s not perfect but it’s perfect for me. Overall, I love who I am & I love my life – If you don’t like me or accept me, I’m sorry but I don’t care. =) I’m random, I laugh at just about everything – even serious stuff =P My favorite colors are Hot Pink.Lime Green. And baby Blue. I’m a Scorpio. My role models in life are my grandma, my mom, and my aunts – all very strong women that I love very much – each experiencing different trials and tribulations in life – all standing strong and moving forward in life. I’m me – regardless if you like it or dont, I’m more outspoken then you could ever imagine being. I’m shy. I’m slightly ghetto yet very knowledgeable. I love me and being a parent of three ♥ I’ve been through so many things from being homeless, married, abandoned, separated, divorced, victim of physical abuse and so much more. This is my story!

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