The Kids


Miss Jadae

Born February 22, Jadae is full of personality. She’s very intelligent and honestly thinks she’s a grown up. She’s a little diva in the making. Jadae is my first born child; my pregnancy with her was complicated but God carried us through. She is most definitely   a “Mommy’s girl” and Grandma’s little Princess (she never gets in trouble with grandma)


Miss JaNiyah & Miss Jaleia

JaNiyah (Baby A) and Jaleia (Baby B) are my real life “Thing 1 & Thing 2.” My baby girls were so anxious to get here that they tried to come at 33 weeks and finally came at 34 weeks. JaNiyah had some troubles at first but if you look at the two of them today, you’d never guess they’re preemies. They have so much personality and are so much alike but so different. To anyone that doesn’t have twins, they are completely two different people and are sometimes more different than anything. Click Here to read a version of our birth story!

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