The Parents

{`~.Joseph & JaShawndra.~`}

To begin our story I just want to explain to everyone that Joseph is not the biological father of my first born child, however he is her father. I explain that fact, not for you to judge me or our family, but to explain the background and avoid any confusion when I mention dates. I don’t want anyone to be confused by the fact that Jadae was born before Joe and I got together. Jadae’s dad and I split up a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant with her.

Joe and I met two months after Jadae was born. The first time we actually hung out was May 10, 2011 at a softball game our mutual friend was playing in. That day was crazy, but that’s a whole different story.

The first time we tried dating was June 29, 2011 which didn’t work out because other than the softball game we had only spoken a few times. A few days after we broke up Joe had texted me just to see what I was doing, and we started talking and hanging out a lot more after that. I introduced Joe to Jadae for the first time the weekend after the Fourth of July. The more we hung out, the more Joe got to see Jadae and the clearer it became that Joe loved Jadae as his own. Joe had been treating Jadae as his own child since he had first met her which is a quality any man that I date should possess. I don’t ever want my children to feel unloved by the person I am with.

Now because of the love I saw Joe had for Jadae and myself, I fell in love with him. On August 23, 2011 we became official once again, this time taking the time to get to know each other. As our relationship blossomed so did our love for each other, we started spending nearly everyday together (as much as we could with me working 40+ hours a week and him being a full time college student and working as well.)  We had been talking about getting a place together but since my job and his job/school were in different towns, it would inconvience one of us for us to move in together.

In February we moved in together and have been living together since. . . This is only the beginning of our story. For the more exciting details of our story please answer the poll below

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